Terms and conditions

This website is edited by ANTARES Avocats, a private limited company with an authorized share capital of 150.000 euros, with a head office located at 23 rue d'Artois – 75008 Paris, with the registered number 441 798 618.

This website is hosted by OVH company.

1 - Access to website

The user of this website recognizes having all the capacity and necessary means to access and to use this website.
It is reminded, that accessing, maintaining oneself fraudulently in the computer system, obstructing or falsifying the functioning of such system, introducing or altering fraudulently computer data in the system can engender criminal charges.

Subject to payment for commercialized provisions, the website’s access is free. The cost for the access and use of the communication network relies on the client, according to the terms and conditions established by the access suppliers and the communication network operators.

2 - Intellectual property

ANTARES Avocats is the legal owner, or the rights holder, of all elements that compose this website notably data, drawings, designs, outlines, pictures, soundtrack. Any copy, representation, broadcast, publication, of the total or partial contents of the website, by any means, without express and preliminary authorization of ANTARES Avocats is forbidden and constitutes counterfeiting punished by articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

The website editor and partners’ brands, as well as logos represented on the website are protected brands. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or logos, produced from elements of the website without the express authorization of ANTARES Avocats is forbidden regarding article L 713-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

3 - Liability

ANTARES Avocats reserves the right to rectify, at any moment and without notice, the website’s contents. In addition, ANTARES Avocats refuses to be responsible in case of delay, mistakes or failure of the contents featuring on the website’s pages as well as in the case of services’ interruption or unavailability.

ANTARES Avocats cannot be liable for all decisions taken on the base of the information found on the website, nor for the use of it by a third party.

4 - Technical damages

ANTARES Avocats cannot be found liable for elements outside its control and for damages that could eventually endure the technical environment of the user, and notably, his computers, software, network equipments and any kind of hardware.

5 - Hyperlink

The website contains a certain amount of links to other companies with whom we have business acquaintances. ANTARES Avocats cannot by found liable for the practices of our commercial partners concerning confidentiality. We encourage you to read our partners confidentiality policy as they can differ from ours.

The website contains links to websites not controlled by ANTARES Avocats. ANTARES Avocats does not make any comment regarding these websites. When you access another website than ANTARES Avocats, you do it at your own risk. ANTARES Avocats cannot be liable for the data’s reliability, for opinions, advises, or assertions found on other websites. ANTARES Avocats gives the link only for the commodity of users. It does not imply that ANTARES Avocats takes on responsibility for the contents of such websites, nor recommends or accepts such contents.

ANTARES Avocats authorizes anyone to create a link to its website, subject to that person respects the following general terms and conditions :

  1. Is authorized to establish a link towards the content of ANTARES Avocats’s website but not copying it.
  2. Is not authorized to create an outline environment nor a navigation space referring to a content found on ANTARES Avocats.
  3. Cannot present falsified information concerning ANTARES Avocats’s services and products.
  4. Cannot present inaccurately, the relationship between ANTARES Avocats and the link’s creator.
  5. Cannot imply that ANTARES Avocats approves or sponsors the link’s creator, nor its services and products.
  6. Cannot use ANTARES Avocats’s logos or commercial gears without ANTARES Avocats’s preliminary and written consent.
  7. Cannot contain contents that could be interpreted as obscene, slanderous, pornographic or inappropriate for any age.
  8. Cannot contain any content breaching law.
  9. Has to accept that the link can be removed any time, when asked by ANTARES Avocats, if ANTARES Avocats wants to go back on its consent towards the link’s existence.

6- Protection of personal data

6.1. While using our website, you can be asked to give personal information, such as, your name, your corporate name, your address, your email, your phone number, your bank account details ( Data). While using this website, you accept that ANTARES Avocats collects, registers, organizes, uses, transfers these data within the framework of its activity and conforming to the following conditions. You can revoke your consent at any time.

Data are collected and used in the framework of ANTARES Avocats’s commercialized and development activities and operations linked to it, notably, the concession of the software’s license enabling the saving of such data.

ANTARES Avocats can be found to transfer data that concerns you to third parties, such as its service provider, its mandatory, its representatives, affiliated companies, its branch office, intervening in the framework of all operations expected on the website.

Except for contrary official regulations and subject to the dispositions seen above, ANTARES Avocats will not transfer data to a third party without your agreement.

You accept that Data travel over border and this even if the sender and the recipient of Data are to be found in the same country.

You have the right to access, modify, rectify or delete Data that concern you ( article 34 of the January 6th 1978 law on computer system and liberties). To exercise this right, write to ANTARES Avocats’s following address : 23, rue d’Artois – 75008 Paris ( France) or to sec.gen@antares-avocats.fr


6.2.When you register on our website a cookie is introduced on your computer. A cookie does not enable us to identify you. Generally, it registers information concerning the navigation of your computer on our website (the pages you have looked at, the date and hour of your consultation etc..) that we will be able to read when you visit the website subsequently. The cookie has information that you delivered us. Therefore, for example, next time you visit, you won’t have to fill in the form again. The existence of cookies enables us to give you a made-to-measure servive.

Our use of cookies is limited to our activities on the website and does not carry any effect on your computer or your other internet activities. ANTARES Avocats does not transfer the cookies’ information to a third party.

We inform you that you can stop the register of cookies by configuring your browser.
In that case, it is possible that you will be facing a restriction while trying to access the website.

6.3 ANTARES Avocats may use web signposts on its website in order to analyze traffic such as the frequency of use of certain parts of the website. The collected data enables us to know which information is more interesting for the users, and which offers are more attractive. If you do not want to help ANTARES Avocats to improve its website, you can refuse this analysis: Deactivate javascript on your computer. However, by deactivating Javascript you won’t have access to all functions on our website.

ANTARES Avocats can also use web signposts in promotional emails in order to know if the message was opened or read. We will use this information by sending an answer by mail to develop future offers that you could appreciate in the meantime. Except for the given email address, the collected information does not enable us to identify you.
By ways of the methods described above, we can know the names of your research field, IP addresses and the types of browsers used by our clients. This information enables us to follow traffic on our entire website. Such information are not personal.

7 - Enforceable law

The website’s contents are subject to French law. All users recognize the competence of French courts for everything concerning the contents and the use of the website, as well as appeal.